Mar 062014

rouse1Dear Voters,

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I established a disaster medical clinic on Canal Street, treating citizens and the first responders who were rescuing them. We are almost ten years out from the waters of Katrina, and still there is much work to be done. Our criminal justice system is undergoing its greatest transformation ever, and it is time for that change to come to the Coroner’s Office as well.

I’m running for Coroner to bring compassion, transparency, and modernization to the Coroner’s office. As the current Chief Deputy Coroner of Orleans Parish, I know exactly where we can improve. I’ll hit the ground running.

I will:

  • bring transparency to the office by videotaping autopsies for evidence
  • Use an independent pathologist to be present during autopsies of people who died in police custody
  • hire grief counselors to support families as they navigate the Coroner’s office
  • raise the rate we charge neighboring parishes for services, so we can modernize our own office
  • fight for increased mental health services

Election day is March 15th, the same day as the St. Patrick’s Day parade. If you plan to go, please vote early today through Saturday, March 8th – 8:30am to 6pm. Locations include City Hall, the Algiers Courthouse, Voting Machine Warehouse at 8870 Chef Menteur, and the new location – Regional Transit Center, 10 Veterans Blvd, Lakefront (Saturday ONLY).

– Dr. Jeffrey Rouse

“The Coroner’s Office is an important part of the city’s criminal justice system, so it is vitally important that we have a Coroner with integrity who can restore the public’s trust and turn it into a modern and well-functioning office,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu. “With a new facility coming online soon, I am confident Dr. Jeffrey Rouse has the experience and commitment and will have the tools to get the job done.”

“Jeff is an amazing doctor who wants to serve our city. Jeff is a ’92 Jesuit graduate (valedictorian) and attended Duke then Georgetown for medical school,” said Councilmember Stacy Head. “He is a professor of forensic psychiatry at Tulane, deputy Coroner for New Orleans and works at Grace Outreach in Central City. I am completely impressed by this guy and his willingness to fore go private practice to serve our city.”

Dr. Rouse is also endorsed by organizations such as the Police Association of New Orleans, Young Democrats of New Orleans, Independent Women’s Organization, Alliance for Good Government, Forum for Equality, BOLD and | The Times-Picayune.

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