Feb 262014

For the first time, Tulane University police are assisting the New Orleans Police Department this year with security along the Mardi Gras parade routes, according to a report by Tania Dall of our partners at WWL-TV. Tulane is sending five commissioned officers and one supervisor to supplement the ranks of the NOPD Second District during every Uptown parade, Commander Paul Noel says:

  2 Responses to “Tulane police assist NOPD with Mardi Gras parade-route security”

  1. How nice. This should make up for the fact that Tulane does not pay any property taxes on its billion dollars worth of property in Nola

  2. Don’t count on the Tulane parade assistance to NOPD as being “free” or a thank you for no property taxes. I’ll betcha the city is PAYING Tulane for the officers.

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