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Robbery on Nashville and South Johnson; robbery attempt on South Lopez. (map via NOPD)

Robbery on Nashville and South Johnson; robbery attempt on South Lopez. (map via NOPD)

A man robbing a woman Wednesday evening in Broadmoor struck her two children’s backpacks off of them during the attack, New Orleans police said.

The victim and her two children were getting out of their car at the corner of Nashville Avenue and South Johnson around 7 p.m. Wednesday when she was approached from behind by a man with his right hand in his pocket, suggesting that he had a gun, according to a NOPD report. “I’m not going to shoot you. Give me everything you have,” the man said, and when the woman replied that she didn’t have anything, he demanded her money.

“The suspect then knocked the backpacks out of the victim’s kids’ possession, which fell to the ground, and then grabbed the victim’s purse and keys from her possession,” the report states.

The suspect then ran off toward Fontainebleau, the report states. He was described as a black man in his 20s, wearing a Navy blue windbreaker with a hood over his head, and dark-colored pants and shoes.

Robbery attempt on South Lopez
About 10 minutes earlier the same evening, a robbery attempt was reported in the 2100 block of South Lopez, according to a separate NOPD report.

In that case, the victim was rolling her bicycle inside a home and turned around to see a man walking toward her, clutching his waistband with his right hand, yelling “Give me your purse,” the report states. She made it inside and the suspect fled, the report states. His description was similar to that of the South Johnson Street suspect, but possibly older.

During a meeting in police headquarters Friday morning, second district commander Paul M. Noel said he believed the two incidents were related.

“This is the kind of case we need to solve, and our crew is all over it,” Noel said.

He added that he thought the cases on South Lopez and Nashville and South Johnson were also related to two other robberies. Women had their bags snatched on the 1600 block of Soniat Street on Wednesday night at approximately 8:15 p.m and on the 4600 block of LaSalle Street on Thursday at 6:37 p.m., according to Noel. Both were exiting their cars at the time, according to the reports.

Robbery attempt on Soniat Street

During the Soniat Street robbery, according to the Second District:

The victim was exiting her vehicle, which was parked in the 1600 block of Soniat Street, when a black male came from behind her and put his arms around her neck then brought her to the ground. The suspect said to the victim “Give me everything”. Before the victim could respond to the suspect’s demands the suspect grabbed a computer bag from around her neck and fled the scene.

The victim described the suspect as a black male, medium complexion, clean shaven, short haircut with black hair, approximately 18 to 25 years of age, approximately 5’6” and 150 pounds. The stated that the suspect was wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt with writing on the front.

Robbery attempt on LaSalle Street

During a simple robbery on LaSalle Street, a woman was about to leave her car when she saw two men approaching her vehicle, according to a report by Second District:

The victim parked her vehicle in the 4600 block of Lasalle Street and upon exiting her vehicle she could observe two black males approaching her vehicle. Suspect one opened the victim’s driver’s side door and stated “Give me your phone”. Before the victim could respond to the demands of suspect one the suspect grabbed the cell phone out of her hand. Suspect two then grabbed the victim by the hair limiting her movement. Suspect one reached over her and grabbed her bag from inside of her vehicle.

Victim stated that the suspects fled the scene westbound on Lasalle Street.

The victim described suspect one as a black male, dark complexion, clean shaven, with a short afro, approximately mid-twenties, about 5’10” in height and 180 pounds wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. Suspect two is a black male, dark complexion, in mid-twenties, 5’9” in height and about 180 pounds, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants.

Noel added that the department had video of the “persons of interest” in the case and officers were hoping to make an arrest soon.

“This is where we earn our money,” Noel said. “If we don’t stop them, they’re just going to hit again.”

Anyone with information about any of these cases is urged to call the Second District at 658-6020 or CrimeStoppers at 822-1111.

Additional reporting contributed by Della Hasselle of MidCityMessenger.com.

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