Feb 122014

Share your viewpoint on public-school education policy-making and reform at a community breakfast with the Orleans Public Education Network at 7:30 a.m. Thursday (Feb. 13) at Mahalia Jackson Elementary School.

For more information, please refer to the following announcement from the Orleans Public Education Network:

Orleans Public Education Network invites you to a special breakfast where community members can discuss the issues that matter in their schools with legislators and policymakers. Join us to share different viewpoints, thoughts and experiences on the importance of successful schools to individuals and the community, plus explore key topics like early childhood education, high school reform, and school governance in 2014 and beyond.
We hope that you can join us to lend your perspective to this important gathering.

  One Response to “Orleans Public Education Network invites you to policy-making breakfast Thursday”

  1. They should have this event when people actually have the time to attend. My public school kids’ school start at 7.50am uptown and 8.30am in Gentilly. There is no way I, or most parents, could make this meeting. I have lots of things to say about the public school system.

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