Feb 282014

A shop promoting “food for health” has opened on Magazine Street, lower St. Charles Avenue has a new Vietnamese restaurant and a popular Uptown bakery is expanding to a second location on Earhart Boulevard, according to recent reports.

Alicia Murphy, wife of Irish House owner Matt Murphy, has opened FARE food apothecary at 4838 Magazine Street with a focus on gluten-free eating, according to Scott Gold of Gambit.

Pho Orchid Uptown is also now open at 2135 St. Charles Avenue, serving traditional Vietnamese dishes until 2 a.m., reports Ian McNulty of Gambit.

In early April, the owners of Maple Street Patissirie plan to open a second location called “Maple Street Patisserie et Bistro,” serving California-style breakfast and lunch in the century-old American Chicle building on Earhart near Carrollton, according to Todd A. Price of The Times-Picayune.

  • Angelique

    Why is gluten-free eating being promoted as “food for health”? Unless you are gluten-intolerant there is nothing unhealthy about foods with gluten.