Feb 142014
(vis Cree's Cheap Chic)

(vis Cree’s Cheap Chic)

Still haven’t put your costume together for Krewe Du Vieux? If you are looking for what you need to “Macgyver” a unique Mardi gras costume, Cree’s Cheap Chic is having a costume sale blow-out for a limited time this weekend.

For more information please refer to the following press release from Cree’s Cheap Chic:

Carnival season is upon us but fear not! My annual Mardi Gras house sale is the costume motherlode!  I’ve been stitching my fingers to the bone and slaving over a hot glue gun to help you all look fabulous in this year’s one-of-a-kind Cree-ations.

FRI Feb 14 5-10 pm * SAT Feb 15 10-5 pm

Where: 3728 Laurel St. @ Peniston
Off Magazine/Tchoup btwn Louisiana/Napoleon

(vis Cree's Cheap Chic)

(vis Cree’s Cheap Chic)

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