Feb 192014


Mardi Gras is the quintessential New Orleans season when revelers take to the streets enjoying great music, good food, and elaborate visuals. Let NOLA Til Ya Die match your Carnival spirit with their innovative, indestructible, eco-friendly drinkware that can be used for seasons to come.

Back from an initial sellout, NOLA Til Ya Die’s food-grade silicone glasses are made from abundant, natural materials – no plastic, no petroleum — BPA-free, FDA-approved, nontoxic/nonbacterial. Reusable, flexible, and portable, the Silipint™ and shot put the fun in functional.

NOLA Til Ya Die’s 16 oz. pint (with travel lid) is perfect for all ages. Enjoy juice, milk, coffee or cocktails worry free. It’s fit for the microwave,freezer, dishwasher, and even our rough-riding parade route. The 1.5 oz. shot is equally as fun with more than one use. Flip it upside down and you have bottle topper or golf tee. This drop-and-chip-safe drinkware pushes the boundaries on what you, and your drinkware, can do.

Available online with free domestic shipping. Visit www.nolatilyadie.com and #nolatilyadie on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  One Response to “Advertiser Bulletin: Buy eco-friendly drinkware this Carnival, never buy drinkware again”

  1. Remember Plastic Mardi Gras cups are a “green” product and always have been! Its the only item you continue to use and keep in your cabinet year after year! Our product has always been reusable, microwaveable, dishwasher safe and recyclable.

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