Jan 212014

The owner of Carrollton Station, Michael Miller, was arrested on a charge on attempted-arson Monday after the owners of The Willow (the new name of the former Jimmy’s Music Club) recorded surveillance video of Miller placing a lit earwax-candle in their building’s door, reports Monica Hernandez of WWL-TV. Miller describes the incident as a joke, while The Willow’s owner, Jimmy Anselmo, is also in the middle of a disagreement with neighbors over the operations of his club, Hernandez reports.

See the full report below:

  • TraveLAr

    Earwax candle. Sounds like some kind of Middle Ages medical device.

    Anyway, to me, neither of the bar owners in the above story comes across very favorably.

  • Frank Claiborne

    When will the city and neighborhoods realize that late night bars are trouble and dangerous. Loud noise, trash and drunkeness……it’s a mess and it decreases surrounding property owners home values.

    • Mr. Claiborne
      I live and work on Freret and remember Friar Tucks- where the in-experienced and under-aged raged like pirates plundering because- “It’s New Orrrleans DUDE!!!! don’t like it- MOVE to the burbs where I’m from”
      Closed for 3 years… walk past Origami http://thenewfreret.com/ and your points proven, unfortunately underage = big $ and fines? They matter little with profits that HUGE- + think about all the cash landlords rake in renting to students, especially when they write the rules – http://uptownmessenger.com/2012/07/uptown-university-area-slated-for-tax-free-art-sales-historic-renovation-tax-credits/
      That said- I like neighborhood bars and music- lets listen to our demographics and run at Jane Jacob’s- DIY fixes and make this place so damn cool we recruit back a middle and other newbies that pay property tax. Not just drunken college tourists… Lastly bitchin don’t fix squat… pictures speak a thousand words- so when planks are being walked at 3:27 am- See it, shoot it, and report it…
      Best from 5110 Freret,

      Andy Brott

  • NolaMan

    Agree. They both come off as petty imbeciles.

  • Marcus B

    Jimmy’s has been around for well over 25 yrs. The neighbors knew what they were getting when they moved to this location.