Jan 162014

Willis L. Turner (via opcso.org)

Willis L. Turner (via opcso.org)

Willis Turner, 29, showed up in court this week so strongly under the influence of some sort of opiates, his blood test showed, that he could not stand, according to John Simerman of The New Orleans Advocate and Naomi Martin of the Times-Picayune. Orleans Parish Jail officials are now investigating allegations that he got the drugs from a deputy, Simerman reports, amid an election for sheriff that has focused on high-profile security issues at the jail.

Turner was arrested on an attempted-murder charge in February following a shooting in the 2800 block of Audubon Street.

  2 Responses to “Suspect in attempted murder on Audubon Street appears in court “loaded” on opiates, prompting jail investigation”

  1. Re-Elect Sheriff Guzman???

  2. Did he also bring his Glock, Budweiser, and wad of cash to court?

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