Jan 162014

(map via NOPD)

(map via NOPD)

A would-be robber was frightened away by his victim’s concealed handgun on St. Charles Avenue last week, New Orleans police said.

The victim was leaving the Office Depot in the 1400 block of St. Charles Avenue around 8:20 p.m. Jan. 9, when he was confronted by a man who demanded his money, said NOPD Sgt. Daniel Scanlan during the Sixth District’s weekly meeting of ranking officers.

“The victim had a concealed-carry permit, exposed the pistol to him and asked if he really wanted to rob him,” Scanlan said.

Instead, the suspect turned and fled, Scanlan said. No identifying description of him was immediately available.

Anyone with information should call CrimeStoppers at 504-822-1111.

  9 Responses to “Robbery attempt on St. Charles Avenue thwarted by victim’s concealed handgun, police say”

  1. Once again, a legally owned handgun – merely displayed – is sufficient to prevent a potentially deadly crime from occurring.

  2. We need more citizens like this guy!

  3. Awesome!

  4. good job on reporting this guys…..didnt think you had it in ya….

  5. Very happy that this man was not a victim of crime. I hope his memory improves enough to give a reliable identification of this criminal so that those of us who choose not to carry a weapon won’t be victimized by this same unidentifiable subhuman. I am in that vicinity very often as I live in the area and although I have occasionally been asked for money from bums, I haven’t been accosted as this citizen. Hopefully this city will begin to deal with the huge number of panhandlers and bums who seem to be on every street corner. Thank you Governor “I wanna be president” Jindal for destroying what was once a very good public mental health system that provided for some of the chronic homeless with serious mental health issues. Perhaps if we provided help for
    these impaired citizens and kept real criminals in prison, the rest of us would not be inclined to carry weapons.

  6. Somehow I have lived on 3 continents, hung out where I should not be quite a bit, and never needed a gun.

    • How odd. I have also lived on 3 continents, had many flammable things in my homes, and never needed a fire extinguisher. Perhaps it was a waste of money all these years ensuring that I had a few around the homes, up to date.

  7. As of today, I’m carrying my gun!

  8. This is a great turnaround. I got my concealed weapons license from Mr. Dennis Lee (985)788-1900 if anyone wants good training.

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