Jan 312014

With polls opening on Saturday for the citywide elections, voters in City Council District A still can learn about the candidates in the race firsthand at a Carrollton neighborhood forum tonight (Friday, Jan. 31) or by reading our online guide to the election.

The Carrollton Area Network’s District A candidates forum will be at 6 p.m. tonight at St. Mary’s Dominican High School on Walmsley Avenue, rescheduled from earlier in the week because of the weather.

Meanwhile, voters can read about each of the candidates’ views and records in our voters’ guide below:

  2 Responses to “Election Day is tomorrow — still deciding about the District A City Council race?”

  1. I hope that the subject of no street lights on Saint Charles Avenue for YEARS comes up. Is the city planning to re-use the horrible street lights from the old Napoleon drainage project (Claiborne to Fontainbleau) that the property owners hated so much that the city had to take down and replace with second set of all new lights.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the city’s new plan is to replace the broken street lights on St. Charles w/ more traffic cameras. Since they’ve already put up several new traffic cameras before fixing the first streetlight, they must find backdoor city revenue more important than uptown safety…

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