Jan 232014

Dear District A Residents, If you are tired of:

  • unsafe neighborhoods because of poor support for vital services like our Fire and Police depts.,
  • the unfair traffic cameras negatively impacting you and your friends,
  • streets that damage your car, even though you call and call with no response,
  • rogue city operatives, like the Taxi Cab Bureau and street musician patrol,
  • our city constantly depleting resources to engage in protracted legal battles,
  • and worst of all, most of our residents unable to obtain a job at a living wage…

…then it’s time to bring in a proven coalition builder.

Let’s face it – yes our beloved city has made tremendous progress since Katrina, but our children are still not getting the education and opportunities they deserve while our leaders continue to break ground on new projects where many of our residents can’t qualify for a job.

If the city is failing in basic operations like the Fire and Police departments, how can we in good faith assume they can move forward in any other area?

And especially jobs.

As I was working my way through college, I had jobs in the fast food industry and at restaurants. Back then a dollar would go a lot farther than today.

Now to have one of those type of jobs, you don’t get paid enough to get off welfare, in fact many of the transnational corporations operating in NOLA actively explain to their workers ‘how to’ get on welfare (so our tax dollars become corporate welfare).

It’s time to stop building this city on the backs of working people and bring back working people’s rights!

It’s time to stop blindsiding homeowners with outrageous insurance increases!

It’s time NOLA stopped being the highest rent per income of anywhere in the nation!

It’s time to elect David Capasso Councilman District A.


Lowering incarceration rates by legalizing the sale of marijuana and regulating it the same as alcohol. However public use will be prohibited and the sale taxes and fines from violators will be used to pay for more first responders, and the creation of more parks, dog parks, community/job training centers and playgrounds.

It means  bringing together a diverse coalition of citizens in this City dedicated to ensuring: all residents have job opportunities to support their families; all children and families have access to quality education and health services; every neighborhood is safe and free of dangerous weapons; every business-person has an opportunity to succeed; our leaders take pride in our City by building effective coalitions to make this city whole; and a modern and reliable public infrastructure and transportation system. Floodwalls and Hurricane Protection Infrastructure are intact. Protect the Gulf Coast and Wetlands-Oil companies should cover costs.

[This advertiser’s message is paid political advertising by the Committee to Elect David Capasso. UptownMessenger.com does not endorse candidates for election.]

  4 Responses to “Advertiser’s Message: Capasso – Legalize & tax marijuana to pay for first responders and police”

  1. It’s about time that someone gets it and is honest enough to speak the mind of many voters.

  2. Tax Marijuana?

    Wait, they said that about alcohol, the lottery, gambling, video poker, but where’s the money from that?

    Let’s face it. Alcohol taxes didn’t pay for anything in New Orleans…who, by the way, has the highest poverty rate in America.

    Furthermore, many people need to be educated that New Orleans seems to have a problem on TAXING alcohol? At first, those who said Prohibition was stupid and that taxing was going to make the government rich, are now saying, “Hmm, if the beer gets taxed more for all the social problems it creates, the sales are going to go down, and less beer sold.”

    Aside, who said, “Lowering the COST of drugs is going to reduce all the crime and murders?” as this was said about alcohol and Prohibition long ago.

    So, on one hand, in regards to alcohol, as opposed to weed, those who said lower the cost and then say, “Tax It!”, are contradicting themselves as the TAXES should be raised to cover the COSTS of all the social problems alcohol creates. So legalization says, “it will lower the costs and you can tax it?”

    Either way, some how, some way, someone is going to pay,…whether it’s alcohol weed, or drugs.

    So let’s correctly tax weed a lot more. Like at least DOUBLE, TRIPLE, 4x, 5x, 10x, 20x, whatever it takes to cover the costs of EBT, Section 8, SNAP, WIC, mental health services, 500 more police with generous pensions, you name it, as alcohol and weed have caused the breakdown of the family and community as you already know from the daily crime reports all across America

    Twitter Handle: AhContraire

  3. There is absolutely no doubt now that the majority of Americans want to completely legalize marijuana nationwide. Our numbers grow on a daily basis.

    The prohibitionist view on marijuana is the viewpoint of a minority of Americans.. It is based upon decades of lies and propaganda.

    Each and every tired old lie they have propagated has been thoroughly proven false by both science and society.

    Their tired old rhetoric no longer holds any validity. The majority of Americans have seen through the sham of marijuana prohibition in this day and age. The number of prohibitionists left shrinks on a daily basis.

    With their credibility shattered, and their not~so hidden agendas visible to a much wiser public, whats left for a marijuana prohibitionist to do?

    Maybe, just come to terms with the fact that Marijuana Legalization Nationwide is an inevitable reality that’s approaching much sooner than prohibitionists think and there is nothing they can do to stop it!

    Legalize Nationwide!…and Support All Marijuana Legalization Efforts!

  4. Sounds like you need to just toke a fatty and chill bro.

    Legalize it. Don’t criticize it.

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