Dec 032013

The new riverfront coastal-science lab planned by Tulane University will not displace Mardi Gras World from its current location, officials from both entities announced Tuesday.

Contrary to a report published earlier this week by The Advocate, Tulane officials say their riverfront lab will be downriver from the Mardi Gras World site, and that plans for any further facilities are “speculative and exploratory,” according to a joint news release from the Tulane and Mardi Gras World.

The full release follows:

Mardi Gras World is remaining at its current location on the Eastbank riverfront just behind the Morial Convention Center at 1380 Port of New Orleans Place.

The following statement was issued by Tulane University following reports that Mardi Gras World would be displaced by a new Tulane University Riverfront Campus campus:

“Tulane University is currently seeking to develop an 8,000-plus square foot coastal research laboratory on a vacant riverfront wharf near the Port of New Orleans. Construction of this facility will not effect Mardi Gras World or our long-term leasing agreement with them. The construction of any additional Tulane research facilities along the riverfront is speculative and exploratory at this point with neither a master plan nor funding in place.”

There are no plans to move the Mardi Gras World attraction and Kern Studios. The new Tulane facility is planned for downriver, not where Mardi Gras World is currently located.

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