Dec 292013

The celebrated One Restaurant on Hampson Street in Carrollton’s Riverbend area will serve its final meals this week, and a fresh-food grocery partially financed through a city initiative is closed and up for sale.

One Restaurant’s last dinner service will be New Year’s Eve, after an “extremely difficult” decision by the owners to close, according to Scott Gold for Gambit. Plans for the building have not been announced, and the owners will be moving on with their personal lives, Gambit reports.

DaFresh Seafood & Produce at the corner of Jackson and Baronne opened in January with the assistance of a $117,000 loan from the city’s Fresh Food Retail Initiative, and Doug Kariker put more than $100,000 into the renovation of the building, according to a report by Charles Maldonado of The Lens. Kariker said the store never became profitable and he now has the building on the market for $339,000, the proceeds from which repay the loan, The Lens reports.

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  • Jim McArthur

    New Orleans doesn’t have money for police, fire stations, public schools, or public libraries: but has money to finance private business enterprises? What is wrong here?

    • Deux amours

      Actually we have money for those things, although we could always use more. I think the idea is that we would eventually have more money for those things if the weaker neighborhoods could get stronger, and trying to get groceries into those neighborhoods is supposed to be an effort to do that.

  • Treasure Travel

    I live Uptown and had never heard of either of these businesses. Perhaps they should have done more marketing? I would have loved to have patronized a local seafood market!

  • ultimateliberal

    Sorry, but DaFresh is rather close to Williams’ at Jackson and St Charles; Williams’ has been established for a very long time and undoubtedly has a loyal customer base.

  • Shannon Lewis

    They never looked open to me. They should reached out more in the community. It never caught my eye enough for me to want to stop in