Dec 112013

(map via DOTD)

(map via DOTD)

City Councilwoman Susan Guidry called a proposal to reroute freight trains from Old Metairie to Hollygrove “totally unacceptable” before an audience in Mid-City on Monday evening, and Hollygrove residents formed a new committee called “We Won’t Be Railroaded” to fight the project Tuesday, according to a report by Della Hasselle at our sister publication, Mid-City Messenger. In addition to the environmental and quality-of-life concerns, there may also be civil-rights issues involved in the use of federal money on a project that would widen the disparity in property values between the two communities, Mid-City Messenger reports.

  • jexni

    Political hackery by Ms. Guidry. There is no rational reason for opposition to the rerouting other than political pandering.

    • TimGNO

      By that, do you mean no rational person should oppose the rerouting, or just that Ms. Guidry’s basis for her opposition is not well founded?

    • Tom Pennington

      How do you mean? The fact is that the proposed “favored” plan costs $700 Million Dollars (numbers via LADOTD), interrupts the lives of people along the route in Mid-City as well as Hollygrove *and* requires the major re-construction of the Tulane Avenue / Carrollton Avenue / Airline Highway interchange at I-10.

      As opposed to the “least” favored plan which would only cost $70 Million Dollars (numbers via LADOTD) by upgrading the existing line through Old Metairie, which would also eliminate not only the existing automobile traffic snarls *but also* the existing rail traffic snarls.

      Frankly, she’s doing her job *and* being financially responsible by opposing the “favored” LADOTD route.

      A storehouse of Information is here:

      There are also petitions circulating in Mid-City from affected businesses and neighbors.