Dec 112013

(map via DOTD)

(map via DOTD)

City Councilwoman Susan Guidry called a proposal to reroute freight trains from Old Metairie to Hollygrove “totally unacceptable” before an audience in Mid-City on Monday evening, and Hollygrove residents formed a new committee called “We Won’t Be Railroaded” to fight the project Tuesday, according to a report by Della Hasselle at our sister publication, Mid-City Messenger. In addition to the environmental and quality-of-life concerns, there may also be civil-rights issues involved in the use of federal money on a project that would widen the disparity in property values between the two communities, Mid-City Messenger reports.

  3 Responses to “Councilwoman Guidry opposes moving freight trains from Old Metairie to Hollygrove”

  1. Political hackery by Ms. Guidry. There is no rational reason for opposition to the rerouting other than political pandering.

    • By that, do you mean no rational person should oppose the rerouting, or just that Ms. Guidry’s basis for her opposition is not well founded?

    • How do you mean? The fact is that the proposed “favored” plan costs $700 Million Dollars (numbers via LADOTD), interrupts the lives of people along the route in Mid-City as well as Hollygrove *and* requires the major re-construction of the Tulane Avenue / Carrollton Avenue / Airline Highway interchange at I-10.

      As opposed to the “least” favored plan which would only cost $70 Million Dollars (numbers via LADOTD) by upgrading the existing line through Old Metairie, which would also eliminate not only the existing automobile traffic snarls *but also* the existing rail traffic snarls.

      Frankly, she’s doing her job *and* being financially responsible by opposing the “favored” LADOTD route.

      A storehouse of Information is here:

      There are also petitions circulating in Mid-City from affected businesses and neighbors.

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