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Shared Housing is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation that helps elderly and/or disabled adults remain in their homes by matching them with people who need a place to stay. These “homeseekers” provide light housekeeping and companionship. In exchange for their services, the homeowner provides free room and board. Shared Housing carefully screens applicants, facilitates appropriate matches, then formalizes each match in a rental contract.

Homeowner Dorothy and Homeseeker Joann

Homeowner Dorothy and Homeseeker Joann

Here is some general information about the program.

  • All Shared Housing services are free
  • Applicants are carefully interviewed and evaluated by experienced registered nurses
  • Applicants undergo a police check and (in some cases) a medical history check
  • The program is not a substitute for home health care or personal care attendants. Nurses will case manage for personal care if needed.
  • Applicants participate fully in the selection of housemates
  • Restrictions include any potential problems that put either party at risk

Advantages for both participants include companionship as well as security in sharing a household; dignity in knowing homesharing is neither an imposition nor a handout; and satisfaction in helping another while helping oneself. The advantages for the homeowner include: Assistance (the homeseeker helps with specified household activities) and security (in having a familiar, reliable person around, especially at night). Advantages for the homeseeker include: room & board and the opportunity to work (at least part-time) and save, or attend school or training.

If you are at risk of going to a Nursing Home because of your age, a disability and/or depression, or if you are or over 40 years old and looking for a place to stay, please consider calling Shared Housing of New Orleans at (504) 896-2575 or visit


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