Oct 262013

The latest installment of Tulane Hillel’s “The Big Issue” discussion series will focus on the murder rate in New Orleans on Tuesday evening.

The topic of “Can We Stop the Murder Problem?” will be discussed by educators, criminologists and the new U.S. Attorney at the Mintz Center on Tuesday evening. For details, see the release below:

Can We Stop the Murder Problem? The City is suffering a continuous drumbeat of murder, including the killing of several children caught in the crossfire. In its fourth installation, “The Big Issue” will ask broad questions about what can be done. What are the root causes of violent crime? What programs have proved successful around the country to prevent violent crime and how well are some of those programs working here? At what age is it too late to have an impact on the young people committing these crimes?

We will hear presentations (in Ted Talk like format) from a sociologist who studies trends in homicides and particular locations, and a neurobiologist who studies the connections between violence and the wiring of the brain. We will hear from a reformed convict who works with at-risk youth to help them learn from his own example. We will hear from the director of the City’s “NOLA for Life” prevention efforts to see how public health approaches can prevent murders before they happen, and from State Attorney Polite on the cities efforts to curb violent crime through the legal system.

According to Rabbi Yonah Schiller, Executive Director of Tulane Hillel, “The Big Issue is continuing with one of the most important issues for the city of New Orleans: Can we solve the murder problem? With a diverse panel of experts, we expect an in-depth, provocative, and very important discussion. Our goal with The Big Issue series, and this event in particular, is to give voice to and to express various perspectives. I think this will be a substantive discussion with a range of perspectives and insights.”

Date: Tuesday, October 29, 2013, doors and bar at 7:00 PM, event at 7:30 PM
Where: The Mintz Center, 912 Broadway, New Orleans 70118
Topic: Can We Solve the Murder Problem?

Tania Tetlow: Tulane Law School Professor and former Assistant United States Attorney.

Ameer Baraka performs outreach in public schools and is a mentor to the highest risk youth here in New Orleans. A documentary filmmaker and a successful actor, he uses his own experiences in the criminal justice system to turn around the lives of young people.

Marcus Kondkar is a Professor of Sociology at Loyola University. He has spent years studying the patterns on domestic violence and homicides in New Orleans. Dr. Kondkar has theories regarding the predictability of certain locations of murder and how we should adjust policing accordingly.

Kenneth Polite is the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana. As U.S. Attorney, Mr. Polite oversees the investigation and litigation of all criminal and civil cases brought on behalf of the United States in the Eastern District of Louisiana.

Elizabeth Shirtcliff is a professor of Applied Biopsychology at the University of New Orleans. She maintains the Stress Physiology In Teens (SPIT) laboratory and uses a variety of noninvasive tools to investigate psychobiological development. She also conducts research that examines both short and long term behavioral responses to stressors such as exposure to poverty or experience with racism or child maltreatment.

Charles West is the leader of New Orleans’ Innovation Delivery Team that is tasked with finding innovative strategies to reduce murder holistically. In this role he chairs the “NOLA for Life” campaign.

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  1. Unfortunately, as long as there continues to be a high rate of children born to unmarried parents, which starts the vicious cycle of absent fathers and poverty, no “program” will have a lasting effect. There isn’t enough money anywhere to replace loving husbands and fathers.

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