Oct 092013

An unidentified man was killed Wednesday evening when he was hit by a car as he was crossing South Claiborne Avenue, New Orleans police said.

The man was crossing Claiborne near General Taylor Street around 8:15 when a silver Toyota Camry driven by a 23-year-old woman hit him, according to a NOPD news release. The pedestrian died at the hospital, and the Camry driver was uninjured, the release states.

“No charges have been filed and the incident remains under investigation,” the release states. “Blood and alcohol tests are pending and the Orleans Parish Coroner will conduct an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.”

  10 Responses to “Pedestrian killed in Claiborne Avenue crash”

  1. If that pedestrian was in a crosswalk (marked or unmarked), that driver needs to be cited, AT A MINIMUM; regardless of the blood and alcohol test results.

    Pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks.

  2. Something sketchy is going on here… I passed by the accident @ exactly 8:17 and there wasn’t a silver toyota camry in sight… it hasn’t been reported to be a hit and run, so where was this 23 year old girl who supposedly hit him? Did they let her leave that quickly? I doubt it… to be honest, it looked like the cop hit him, but that is only an assumption… Also, there’s no way he died at the hospital… I’ve never seen a dead body before last night, but this poor man was definitely DOA. His body was distorted and twisted as he laid face first on the ground, his abdomen was extremely bloated, from internal swelling and bleeding, and there was at least 4 ft of blood coming from his mouth. I’d like to believe the story NOPD is telling us, but some facts are missing and it seems as if they are covering something up… Regardless wether the victim was intoxicated or not, he deserves justice for what happened to him & we deserve the TRUTH!

    • People are often taken to the hospital so that there is not a dead body at a scene with a bunch of onlookers. He probably was dead at the scene, but not declared dead until he reached the hospital.

  3. There is not a crosswalk at that location. Pedestrians in that area need to cross at designated crosswalks and light protected intersections. It’s for everyone’s protection; the pedestrian, the driver, the other vehicles on the road. This is a chronic problem on claiborne. While a tragic event, placing blame on the driver is not the solution. Enforce the rule, cross where designated. No one is thinking that the driver now has this on their conscience because rules and procedures were not followed.

    • Agreed. Jaywalking on S. Claiborne is an epidemic, as is speeding. Isn’t this the second pedestrian death this year in this same area? I’m surprised we haven’t had more fatalities.

    • Mike21,

      Actually, a pedestrian has right of way between sidewalks at an intersection without traffic control devices, irrespective of whether the crosswalk is marked. The only caveat is that pedestrians need to provide enough time for traffic to slow or stop; they can’t simply dart out. Thus, had the pedestrian started crossing at the intersection and left enough time for traffic to react, the motorist would be in the wrong.

      However, I gather from the fact that the piece says “near” the intersection that the pedestrian was not actually at the intersection; in other words, he was was jaywalking. Moreover, I would agree that on major streets like Claiborne, pedestrians should try and cross at regulated intersections whenever possible for their own safety — it’s more difficult for motorists to spot pedestrians when there are more than two lanes running either direction.

  4. RRod3,

    Not necessarily. Remember, even in a crosswalk, a pedestrian can’t simply proceed without looking. The law requires that pedestrians not step off the curb when there is insufficient time for oncoming traffic to slow or stop. If both the motorists and witnesses basically state that the pedestrian came out of nowhere and darted into traffic, the motorist is not at fault.

  5. In any event, there isnt one red light camera anywhere o
    along the entire spanse of South Claiborne Ave.
    In a city with dozens of cameras at selective intersections all over Uptown New Orleans.

    • This is because it is part of US 90, and the city does not (thankfully) have permission to put traffic scameras on a US highway.

      • That would explain it.
        Meanwhile there are a nearly 3Xs as many traffic cameras all over Uptown as any other neighborhood in the city.

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