Jun 072013

(map via NOPD)

Three boys aged 12, 13 and 14 were arrested after robbing two adults at gunpoint Thursday night near the intersection of Oak and Broadway streets, authorities said.

The gunman was wearing a skeleton mask, and police officers spotted the group at Carrollton and Maple shortly afterward, authorities said. One of the boys had a skeleton mask in his pocket and the weapon in his waistband, which turned out to be a BB gun, authorities said.

For details, see the full news release from the New Orleans Police Department:

New Orleans Second District officers arrested three male juveniles last night- ages 12, 13 and 14- minutes after they robbed two adults at gunpoint. The incident happened at approximately 9:30p.m. near the intersection of Oak and Broadway Streets.

The two victims were walking on Oak when a gunman, who was wearing a skeleton mask, and an accomplice jumped out in front of them and demanded money. Once the victims complied, the suspects fled on foot then unknown.

As officers were canvassing the area, they spotted 3 individuals walking on South Carrollton Avenue and Maple Street with 2 of the individuals fitting the description of the suspects. As the officers stopped the 3 males to talk to them, one of the males immediately grabbed his waistband, at which time one officer lifted the boy’s shirt and observed what appeared to be a black handgun, as well as a skeleton mask that was sticking out of his pocket. It was soon recognized that the gun was a BB gun. All three suspects were then detained.

The officers conducted a show up of the suspects at which time two of them were identified as the robbers. The third suspect was also identified as one of three males fleeing from the scene.

The officers also returned the stolen property.

All three juveniles were booked with Armed Robbery and transported to the NOPD’s Juvenile Center.

“It’s always incredibly disappointing and unfortunate when we see children this young committing crimes. In this case, I’m just grateful that our Second District officers were able to locate these kids as quickly as they did, and that no one- including these children- was hurt”, said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

[Note: A version of this article was posted at 10:57 a.m. Friday, and it was updated with information from the news release at 1:14 p.m.]

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  1. This is getting too close to home for comfort. Come on Moon Baby and do something about the crime. Life is not all about shiny streetcars and filming in the CBD. I know you can do it. At least I THINK you can do it.

    • I must say that the NOPD was right on this one. Good job on their part. So sad that the perps were so young.

  2. I’m glad Susan Guidry has police working overtime for underage drinking, the real crime and plague in this city.

    • I am thinking your comment is supposed to be sarcasm AND I would not be surprised that you MAY have a financial interest in a bar..via a job or ownership of such.

      If you don’t think underage drinking is not a problem, where are the 130,000 who left after Katrina? Or the Fortune 500 companies? Shouldn’t they have come back since New Orleans has the most bars per capita?

      By the way, you know the reason why Louisiana Car Insurance is the HIGHEST in the NATION? It’s because of an attitude that drinking is OK…you also remind me of that. http://bit.ly/ZFR93L

      By the way, “underage” drinking is where most criminals, dead beats, wife beaters, panhandlers/homeless get their start. (Why not ask the Mayor’s son regarding drunk driving?).

      And just because one can die for one’s country when they are 18, does NOT mean they have enlisted, gone through boot camp, or served even a single day in a war zone. NOTE: “Can-die-for-one’s-country” is NOT the same as “in-the-line-of-fire” or “served-in-a-war-zone”.

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      • “Too afraid to follow me on Twitter?”

        Oh lord, you are so delusional. No one is “afraid” to follow you on Twitter. There is a much more obvious reason you have no followers.

        Hint: it is because everything you write reveals to you be ignorant and boring. Bad combination.

      • DWI reports from Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office,

        June 5-12

        Now how did these DWI get started….Could it be UNDERAGE and 24/7 alcohol culture?

    • Another thing. See those 130,000 who left after Katrina and never came back. They realized that they didn’t need ALCOHOL to say “Hello”, or introduce themselves to a girl or whoever.

      They also realized they didn’t need ALCOHOL to make small talk or to talk to another person.

      UNDERAGE is a HUGE PROBLEM in New Orleans as the ONLY GOAL in LIFE for teenagers, white and black, is to get into a bar and to say, “See how ADULT I am, I got past the bouncer on this fake ID”.

      It’s truly amazing how shallow and vain New Orleans is, from those over 21 and those under 21….

      • So, they only have deadbeats and losers in Canada because it is 19 to drink. it is 16 in the UK, does that make them losers??

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