May 082013

(map via NOPD)

After two men took a laptop from a man sitting on the front porch of his Pine Street home early Wednesday morning, the victim was able to subdue one of his attackers until police arrived, authorities said.

The victim was working on a Macbook laptop on his front porch in the 2400 block of Pine (just off South Claiborne) around 1:15 a.m. Wednesday when two strangers approached him, according to a NOPD report. They took the laptop from him and tried to get away, but the victim was able to subdue one of them — later identified as Tyrone Johnson, 22 — until police arrived, authorities said. The second suspect, however, was able to escape with the laptop, the release states.

Johnson was charged with simple robbery, according to jail records. A booking photo was not immediately available.

  4 Responses to “Pine street robbery victim captures one of his attackers, police say”

  1. Poor Tyrone! Subdued and held for the Po-lice by a computer geek! And now everybody knows it. How he gonna show his face to his homies now?

  2. Let’s just hope they make identifying his cohort and returning the laptop a condition of his eventual release or bail.

  3. Nice, plus one for the good guys

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