Apr 042013

Police found a gun and marijuana left behind after a hit-and-run crash Sunday afternoon at Broadway and Willow streets, authorities said this week.

The hit-and-run took place around 2:40 p.m. at Broadway and Willow, and the driver then got out of his car and fled on foot, said Sgt. John O’Brien on Wednesday at the weekly meeting of the NOPD Second District leadership. Police found a .40-caliber handgun and marijuana, but were unable to locate the suspect after a search of the area, O’Brien said.

The investigation into the incident remains active, O’Brien said.

The crash took place on Broadway while the Pigeontown Steppers were on the other side of the east Carrollton neighborhood around South Carrollton Avenue, and O’Brien said it was “completely unrelated” to the festivities surrounding the second line.

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  1. I was in the area Sunday when the police shut the block down and am very disappointed this is just now being reported by UM and there was no word from ProjectNola. The cops almost didn’t tell us about it. There were families walking around and children playing outside two blocks away that had NO CLUE this was happening!

    • I was actually in the area Sunday to shoot the Pigeontown Steppers, but had to break away to drive out of state to retrieve my kids from their grandparents’ house right around the same time this was happening. I literally went from the second line to the car, and didn’t become aware of the incident until after the fact. Had I been able to get to the search scene I would have reported it as I have done many times before. However yesterday evening at Comstat was my first opportunity to get an explanation on the record and report it.

      I’m proud of your confidence in our reporting and your reliance on us as a primary source for this kind of information. I’d note that, even three days later, we’re still the only news outlet providing you with this information (for free, at that). But I hope you’ll understand from time to time I do have to leave “the beat” – and if you’ll help us continue to grow, we can add the staff to provide even more coverage.

      Thanks again for reading.

  2. If it was not related to the Pigeontown Steppers why even mention it?

  3. Danny, the short answer is: to establish that it was not related.

    Anyone who lives in the neighborhood or attended the second line knows it traveled from Willow and Carrollton to Broadway and Hickory during almost the exact same time. Clearly, the crash site was very near the route, and my understanding of the search perimeter is that it stretched back into the neighborhood, even closer to the Steppers’ path. There was a lot of activity in a fairly narrow space, and it would not have been illogical for anyone to wonder if the two incidents so close in space and time were connected.

    I’m aware that there have been many unfortunate articles in the history of New Orleans media with egregious headlines such as “Shooting at second line” when the reality was much nuanced, so I appreciate your sensitivity. This article is nothing like that; I respect the Pigeontown Steppers far too much to do that to them (Remember we were the only media outlet to cover their anti-crime march last year.) However, we also all know that second lines can become occasions for people feuding in the neighborhood to clash (like Mardi Gras), and I wanted to make clear that police believe even that was not the case this time.

    Thanks for your concern and I hope I’ve satisfied you that I share it.

  4. I’m sure the police were only a few feet away since Susan Guidry has them working overtime looking for underage drinking in the university area.

  5. More like “hit bong & run” from the sound of it. Talk about your blunt trauma!

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