Apr 252013

A banner on a house at the corner of Bellecastle and Tchoupitoulas proclaims the future expansion of Blue Dot Donuts, the popular Mid-City shop started by three police officers. (Robert Morris, UptownMessenger.com)

When three officers from the New Orleans Police Department’s Uptown-based Second District opened a donut shop in Mid-City, they thought they heard every cop-and-donut gag in the book.

Now that they’re planning a new location on Tchoupitoulas — much closer to the station where they all worked — they know to expect a whole new round of jokes.

Blue Dot Donuts is planning to open its location at Tchoupitoulas and Bellecastle in the summer, said Officer Brandon Singleton, one of the owners. The shop will offer everything currently available in Mid-City, and possibly a few surprises.

“It’s going to be the same exact everything as Blue Dot One,” Singleton said.

The owners have actually been scouting Uptown locations for more than a year, Singleton said, and when the house on the corner of Bellecastle became available, it seemed like a perfect fit.

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