Mar 042013

An NOPD officer investigates the scene of a shooting in the 800 block of Milan Street on Monday evening. (Robert Morris,

A 36-year-old woman was listed in critical condition Monday night after being shot in the neck by a stranger as she walked to her vehicle in a residential block of Milan Street just off of Magazine, police and neighbors said.

The woman was shot once around 9:30 p.m. in the 800 block of Milan Street, said NOPD Officer Frank Robertson, a departmental spokesman. Neighbors said the woman had been visiting a home in the block, and was leaving when she was approached by the unknown person who shot her.

“I heard her start screaming. It was like scary screaming,” said one neighbor, who asked not to be identified. “I went to my front door, and I heard the gunshot.”

Another neighbor said he was helping his son with social-studies homework in the front room, and did not hear the gunshot but did hear the sirens of the arriving officers. He said that most of the block is longtime residents like his family, and the shooting surprised him.

“It’s just a random thing that very rarely happens here,” the man said. “I don’t know if this guy was just roaming around or what.”

The shooting took place in view of a Magazine Street corner experiencing a dining revival, surrounded by at least five new restaurants. The crime scene itself was immediately behind the Sisters of Christian Charity home.

  10 Responses to “Woman critically wounded in shooting just off Magazine Street”

  1. Horrible-
    I know this is outside of Touro-Bouligny Security District, but when combined with the shooting of Sandy Kaynor, five months ago at Camp Street and Delachaise
    shows new ideas are needed to fight crime.
    I may not live there anymore, but know we are destined for the same on Freret if serious actions are not taken-
    Turo B- please consider and explore ways to install CCTV cameras on your Patrol Car/Truck to record all as it drives.
    May not be a long term solution (outside your taxed borders), but would be a great tool for NOPD to catch and DA to prosecute.
    Best From Freret,

    • So true … and proper streetlighting – the kind that we should have anyway and not pay Entergy a premium for over insane taxes – would also help. One can only be so aware of one’s surroundings if you can’t see a bloody thing.

  2. How do we know it was a stranger that shot her? Was it an attempted robbery or carjacking gone wrong? Or was it just the shooting? It seems incredibly odd and unlikely for a person to just approach a complete stranger and shoot them for no reason. Not saying it could never happen, but just seems odd given the lack of other details. Hope they catch the maniac soon.

    • Would that it were true, Nolabrah: but there are people out there who will attack a total stranger for no apparent reason. Look at all the mass shootings of recent years.

  3. This is scary for a neighborhood that is usually safe. I’d like to know if this was a robbery attempt, did the two know each other, or what… I walk through this area pretty regularly and find this to be pretty disturbing

  4. Is there a description of the shooter available anywhere?

  5. In the interest of privacy and the ongoing investigation by NOPD I will hold back as much information as possible. But since I know the person who was shot I can tell you that it was not a robbery nor carjacking attempt and she did not know her attacker. She also tried to evade her attacker and he pursued her. This should be highly disturbing to people living and visiting the area and I would suggest being aware of your surroundings, particularly if you are alone.

  6. Way too long to go without more information. Was this targeted or random? Is there a threat to others in this community?

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