Feb 012013

Megan Wales, who was the victim of a July home-invasion robbery on Broadway Street in which Tulane linebacker Trent Mackey was later charged, was arrested in December on charges of stabbing her boyfriend on the back of the neck, an injury that required 10 stitches, according to a report by Kalia Lopez of the Hullabaloo student newspaper. Wales told the newspaper that her boyfriend attacked her first, and that the cut resulted from a ring she was wearing on her finger.

  One Response to “Victim in last year’s home-invasion robbery on Broadway charged with stabbing boyfriend”

  1. You should get the facts straight. First, not her boyfriend. Second, it was a matter of self defense. Being attacked by an intoxicated overmedicated druggie allows someone to defend themself. Taking a swing is pretty typical way to defend oneself. The fact that there was a sharp ring involved in the defensive action is incidental. The truth will eventually come out. In the meanwhile, your article unfortunately tarnishes an innocent person’s reputation. Shame on you.

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