Feb 042013

Tulane University recently approved $50,000 to replace dishes and silverware in Bruff Commons, some for wear and tear but “the majority” because of theft by students, according to a report by Ashley Easterly of The Hullabaloo student newspaper. The dining director told the newspaper that the school purchased 800 mugs at the beginning of the fall semester and was down to 25 by October, for example, a significant increase in theft at the facility.

  • TimGNO

    So, the cost equivalent of a single Tulane student’s tuition pays for ALL the pilfered dishware? I’d say that’s a bargain!!

  • Dan

    So TimGNO, as long as someone else is paying for the theft of property, theft is acceptable? This society is heading into a dark, sad place.

  • Maybe they should try amnesty day – a day toward the end of the semester when students can return pilfered items with no questions asked.