Feb 032013

Residents of the River Garden mixed-income housing community are “absolutely terrified” of NOPD Officer Jayson Germann, who works a private security detail there, says Independent Police Monitor Susan Hutson, adding that the 37 complaints against him in the last four years should be taken seriously, according to a report by Richard Webster of the Times-Picayune. Germann’s attorney says the complaints are common for a narcotics officer like Germann, and that only two have been sustained, and NOPD officials say that recent training for Germann has greatly reduced the number of complaints against him, Webster reports.

  6 Responses to “River Garden residents “absolutely terrified” of NOPD detail officer, police monitor says”

  1. Send him over to Carrollton. Maybe the dregs over here would scatter a bit.

  2. Thats because River gardens is a dressed up name for the Saint Thomas Project and half the neighborhood stands outside during the day selling dope. I worked my first homicide in at Adelle & Laurel Streets. My Sgt at NOPD’s wife almost was shot on the balcony having coffee on Annunciation street in River Garden’s. Stop acting like thats a great neighborhood and an officer getting complaints is probaly doing his job. The bad people in the neighborhood have figured out that if you complain on a good officer enough it will eventually make him look bad………. This is why you cannot keep officers in New Orleans…………………..Sad!

  3. Keep up the good work Officer Germann! Don’t let the thugs and other undesirables intimidate you from keeping the area from becoming what it was before which was a cesspool of crime, graffiti, destroyed property, and poverty. If the residents don’t want to follow the rules and keep the development from becoming another slum project, they can MOVE and let someone who does follow rules, respects property, and works to improve the neighborhood move there in their place. There are many areas of the city that these disgruntled complainers will feel quite welcome and comfortable. MOVE THERE and get off my tax dime!

  4. Three sides to every story. I’d love to know the facts here. If you are slinging drugs, or harboring someone slinging drugs and carrying guns, then you’d be right to fear this officer. Are law abiding residents in fear of Officer Germann?

  5. I personally know Jayson and he is a a very upstanding man! Has served his country in the military prior to working for NOPD. Jayson is a very credible man and works hard for his family! He is an awesome friend and would do anything he can to help! I think they should be praising him for cleaning up the area, not complaining!!!!

  6. For years NOPD has been on the frontlines of a war. Anytime an officer does his job, by the book, and people have to complain, I would have to go with the popo on this one. As many people have been scattered around this city like the trash after Katrina, there should be more officers making the same statement that this officer is making, not on MY watch, this is what the guy is getting paid for, serve and protect the citizenry of New Orleans, not just the affluential, or well off, but the people struggling to get up and work there asses off just to make ends meet. Keep on keepin on Jay!!!!

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