Feb 142013

The crash took place on South Claiborne near Amelia, and the gray Chevrolet Avalanche then turned left onto the next street, Louisiana Avenue Parkway, police say.

A man who was trying to cross South Claiborne Avenue on foot was killed after being hit by a large SUV truck that did not stop, authorities said.

The victim — later identified as 54-year-old Jerry Carter — was crossing the downtown-bound lanes of South Claiborne Avenue near Amelia Street around 8 p.m. when he was struck by a dark gray Chevrolet Avalanche, according to a NOPD news release. The Avalanche did not stop and turned in a lake-bound direction on Louisiana Avenue Parkway, and the victim died on the way to the hospital, the release states.

The Avalanche may have damage to its front end, police say.

The crash remains under investigation, with blood-alcohol tests and an autopsy pending, the release states.

The investigation is being led by Anthony Pontiff of the NOPD Fatality Unit, who can be reached at 658-6237. To leave an anonymous tip that could be eligible for a cash reward, call CrimeStoppers at 822-1111.

  4 Responses to “Pedestrian crossing Claiborne killed by hit-and-run driver, police say”

  1. Drivers treat Claiborne like a highway. I regularly see cars going upwards of 60mph on the stretch between Nashville and Broadway. No red lights to slow them down. The city should put one of its get rich quick speed cameras in a few spots on Claiborne and get rich real quick.

  2. Spencer, I totally agree. I also must add that there isn’t a major thoroughfare in the city worse for jaywalking than this specific stretch of Claiborne. And to call what I’ve seen “jaywalking” is really an insult to 99% of jaywalkers out there. People cross all the time with no regard to crosswalks, traffic lights, oncoming traffic, natural instinct, etc. A deer in the headlights has more sense! Combine this with fast moving traffic and it was a matter of time until this happened.

  3. And at 8 pm when it is dark, it is nearly impossible to see someone dressed in dark clothing who decides to step out in front of your car on that stretch in the middle of the block, not at an intersection… agree that it is amazing that this doesn’t happen more often.

  4. Why assume the pedestrian was at fault? Amelia St is a legal crosswalk, whether the crosswalk is painted or not. If the pedestrian crossed at the intersection, he was following the law. The driver, on the other hand, was driving inattentively on a wide, well-lit street. Unless there’s a nearby camera to prove jaywalking, the police should pursue this as a vehicular manslaughter.

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