Feb 052013

“I know that there is a tremendous amount of physical evidence and scientific evidence has been collected overnight and through today and some of it will be video,” NOPD Superintendent Ronal Serpas told our partners at WWL-TV on Tuesday, discussing the rape and kidnapping of a Garden District woman the previous evening. “We just don’t know the quality of it yet. Our message to these perpetrators is we know a whole lot more about you than you think we know. You may want to consider your options of turning yourself in.”

WWL also confirmed that it took EMS nearly 20 minutes to respond to the victim’s call, and that by the time they arrived, she had already been taken to the hospital by a police officer.

  5 Responses to “NOPD chief: “Tremendous amount” of evidence in Garden District rape”

  1. And though I’ve repeatedly urged NOPD to work with the community (and vice versa!) on assembling a database of surveillance camera installations — on homes and in places of business — such a repository does not exist. I give up. Either people don’t want the police to know, or the police don’t want to ask, or nobody sees the ridiculousness in expecting NOPD to fumfer around after each violent crime, inquiring, “Does this block have any cameras?”

  2. I live in the neighborhood and am completely appalled. We are in the cage and the animals are running around laughing at us. Let’s just say the Garden District patrol and the NOPD are doing everything they can to keep the streets safe….well, it isn’t enough. What is the Mayor going to do about it? We do NOT have to live like this. Other major cities, a whole lot larger than New Orleans have figured it out, why can’t we?

  3. “Many single women live on that block,” –well thank you for giving would be rapists a “heads-up.”–even included a photo for them. Pathetic, careless reporting–

  4. So many of the problems rest with the Judicial System that is like a revolving door to the thugs, gangs and criminals. If the police don’t botch the case before it ever gets to the courthouse, then these same people will continue to roam the city as long as we live. Everyone needs to get on the same page.

  5. The problem is Serpas… Ask him how many officers patrol at night in district 6. 3 officers. Ask him how many patrol at night in district 2? 3.

    It is absolutely ridiculous. He needs to go and we need to promote someone who knows NEW ORLEAS.

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