Feb 082013

Image from “Support NOLA’s Most Badass Assault Survivor” fundraising website.

A fundraising website in support of the the victim of Monday’s rape in the Garden District has generated nearly $30,000 from almost 700 people in just a few days, money that the organizers say will be needed as her medical, vehicle and relocation expenses continue to grow.

The site, “Support NOLA’s Most Badass Assault Survivor,” was launched Tuesday night as a way to help her cover her immediate costs in the aftermath of the attack and prepare to help her move to a new home, the organizers write. Those costs have now grown to include replacing her car and significant medical expenses, and legal expenses are expected as well, they say.

“Until the doctors tell us the extent of what she is facing and until the investigation and trial are over, we do not know the full cost she will endure,” the site says. “While we picked $10,000 because it seemed impossibly large–we are now confronting the possibility that her bills will greatly exceed that.”

The site also includes a tribute to the victim herself.

“This happened in a nice neighborhood of New Orleans to an incredibly savvy, street-smart chick who couldn’t possibly have been doing something more ordinary; walking from her car to her own front door,” the site states. “She doesn’t need our pity, but she deserves some awesomeness to come out of this insanity from the people who care about her, near and far.”

  3 Responses to “Hundreds donate to growing expenses for Garden District rape victim”

  1. I love that NOLA supports it’s own. Thank you! I donated as well as spread the word. This could have happened to any woman walking to our front door and that is a scary and grim reality. This just hits too close to home. I am glad she has such terrific friends and supporters to help her through.

  2. Had she been in a not nice neighborhood, drunk and in a miniskirt, she would be no less deserving of the outpouring of compassion that she has now. Noting the socio-economic status of the neighborhood and emphasizing that she was doing something completely innocent and “ordinary” perpetuates the notion that rape is somehow more unjust in certain circumstances. I know this is not the intent, but it is a common accusation to rape victims that had they not been in a certain place or doing a certain thing, they would not have been raped, making it their fault. Which it never is. That one little sentence carries a ton of baggage.

  3. This is awesome! How much has been collected for the black girl that was raped leaving school?

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