Jan 302013

A 15-year-old boy was sentenced to stay in state custody until he turns 21 after pleading guilty as charged in connection with the shooting of five people in Central City shortly after a Martin Luther King Day parade passed, and a second teen suspect has been identified and arrested, authorities said.

Charvan Morris pleaded guilty Tuesday, and his swift conviction eight days after the shooting was hailed by prosecutors as a victory for the justice system, according to a report by Ramon Antonio Vargas of The Times-Picayune. Shortly afterward, police officials announced the arrest of a second 15-year-old from his home in eastern New Orleans as part of the ongoing investigation into the case, Vargas reported.

  • Like the good of a guilty plea and sentence in 8 days,
    but not the bad that made him do it on MLK Day on MLK Blvd and this reported on first by the Dirty TP.
    + Out in 6, so lets hope “state custody” includes life skills, job training, and lessons in – “Letter from Birmingham Jail”.
    Best from Freret,

  • Diogonese

    Juvi is like a trade school for neophyte thugs. If we think this kid is bad now, just wait until he hits the streets again. The MLK shooting was just a re-hearse-al.