Jan 182013

Ciontray K. Campbell (via opcso.org)

Investigators have identified and arrested a 19-year-old in connection with a shooting on Delachaise Street in the Milan neighborhood earlier this week, they said Thursday evening.

Ciontray K. Campbell, 19, is charged with a single count of aggravated battery following a shooting Tuesday afternoon at Delachaise and South Liberty that left a man with three gunshot wounds. Campbell was identified by other individuals involved in the crime who were unusually cooperative with investigators, said Lt. Frank Young of the NOPD Sixth District investigative unit, a hopeful sign that police may be making inroads into the neighborhood that will allow them to clear more shootings.

“It’s kind of a breakthrough for us,” Young said of the cooperation during the district’s monthly meeting with community members.

The victim in Tuesday’s shooting was a friend of Devonta Thomas, who was shot to death last month about a block away, Young said. Investigators are still trying to determine whether the shootings represent some sort of feud between larger groups, Young said.

Campbell, whom investigators found and arrested from his job at a popular French Quarter tourist restaurant, was previously arrested in late 2010 as an accessory to an armed robbery of a fellow student at the time at the New Orleans Charter Math and Science High School. At the time, investigators said Campbell and another student were standing on a corner of the school grounds when a third man, 19-year-old Terry Brown, walked up, greeted Campbell and then robbed Campbell’s classmate at gunpoint.

Court records show the case against Campbell was refused in January of 2011. The alleged gunman, Brown, later pleaded guilty an armed robbery charge down to a theft charge in July 2012 and was sentenced to a single year with a suspended sentence, court records show.

In the spring of 2011, Campbell was charged with possession of a stolen firearm, but the charge was dropped in August of the same year, court records show. In early 2012, Campbell was charged with carrying a weapon illegally and resisting an officer, and pleaded no contest to both charges in late June. Prior to his arrest this week, he was slated for a probation status hearing Jan. 24.

  • Shoot a man three times, and get charged with Aggravated Battery? How many times would you have to shoot him to get charged with Attempted Murder?