Jan 092013

(Herskadal and Neset, photo provided by The Norwegian Church in New Orleans)

Herskadal and Neset, a saxophone and tuba duo, will play Norwegian folk tunes and more during the lunchtime concert at The Norwegian Church in New Orleans today (Wednesday, Jan. 9).

For more information see the following press release:

Who is Herskadal & Neset?

A saxophone/tuba duo seems like an unlikely pairing, but both players share such a formidable musical gift that the result is an unique and emotionally expressive range of sounds – sometimes plaintive and melancholy, sometimes humorous and playful, but always lyrical and moving. They have created an unique sound through playing and touring. They will play their own music but also Norwegian folk tunes and hymns with their own personal twist.

Everyone’s welcome and the admission is free.
The concert starts at 1 pm.

The Norwegian Church in New Orleans
1772 Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA 70130
tel: (504) 583 7521

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