Jan 172013

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell might want to send some buddies for takeout while he’s in New Orleans for the Super Bowl next weekend, based on the signs popping up at Creole Creamery, Midway Pizza, and other restaurants around Uptown and the rest of the city, according to a report by Monica Hernandez and our partners at WWL-TV:

  • Yep, this will certainly show our sportsmanship to the hundreds of thousands of visitors. Come on, New Orleans. Take the high road.

  • Diogonese

    Folks, to be world class, you have to act world class. Take the high road and make certain Goodell and all NFL reps have a good time in the Big Easy. Make’m want to come back for more. The news media is going to be on the prowl for any negative spin they can find. Let’s deny them this if for no other reason.