Dec 042012

Sandy Kaynor Jr. (via

Attorney Sandy Kaynor, who was critically wounded in an Oct. 2 carjacking and home-invasion robbery at Camp and Delachaise, has suffered a series of medical complications since then and his family is seeking hyperbaric oxygen treatment to help increase his responsiveness, reports Meg Farris of our partners at WWL-TV.

  • Louie

    Heartbreaking! Your family is in our prayers! We have got to get this crime problem under control! In our daily prayers! So sorry.


    I thought they made an arrest for this ridiculously savage crime! I guess they just led us to believe that they had. I live a couple of blocks away and am at my wits end with the crime and lack of real police work.
    The city should pay his medical bills… He had been paying taxes for years that undoubtedly paid to feed these parasites via Louisiana purchase cards. SICK

  • KK
  • Kurt Buchert

    Wow, very hard to watch & not be both furious & completely sad at the same time. Please make a donation people.

  • I walk my dog in this area nearly every night. It looks like a safe neighborhood: which only goes to show that no neighborhood is, any more. I have seen an NOPD vehicle only 2 or 3 times in my walks in the past two and a half years: one time they were chasing a vehicle that nearly ran me over. The only real protection is the private patrol, and what the neighbors do for themselves.

  • Joe Goodson

    A few days ago I went to see my friend Sandy Kaynor. This morning on Christmas Eve, I realize all i want for Christmas is to have my friend restored to the person I knew him to be before a senseless act changed his life and the life of his family. God bless you Sandy, Grace, Granville and Phoebe. Nothing means more in this world than to see Sandy completely healed. Joe Goodson