Dec 132012

Nobert Estrella speaks to other International School administrators in May of 2011. ( file photo by Robert Morris)

Nobert Estrella, who led the International School of Louisiana’s Olivier Street campus in Algiers through its first year and this year became the first principal of the school’s new Jefferson Parish expansion, will resign next week and become a Spanish teacher at Helen Cox, according to a report at Estrella described “philosophical differences” and Head of Schools Sean Wilson called it Estrella’s “personal decision,” according to the report, which notes that family liaison Jessica Rodriguez will also be stepping down.

At the Nov. 28 meeting of the International School board, Wilson reported that the Jefferson Parish’s middle school was experiencing both disciplinary and academic issues that needed immediate attention. Classrooms were to be made smaller and teachers were to be retrained, Wilson said. Estrella was present at the meeting but did not speak about the issues at the time.

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