Dec 182012

After a smash-and-grab auto burglary at an Uptown home was caught on security video last week, police are reminding New Orleans residents not only keep their cars locked, but their valuables out of sight.

Second District Commander Paul Noel showed the video of the car burglary to his officers at the district’s weekly internal meeting Wednesday and urged officers to take the crime-prevention message to residents during the holidays.
Noel encouraged the public to bring valuables into their homes, rather than leaving them in plain sight in their cars.

“If you don’t want criminals in your neighborhood, lock your stuff up,” Noel said.

The burglary took place Dec. 10 in the 4600 block of Pitt Street, police said. A man in a 1994 green Dodge Dakota truck parked behind the vehicle, then shattered the passenger window to steal a purse that was sitting on the seat. The truck’s license plate is W624524 and it has a homemade wooden dog kennel in the bed.

  4 Responses to “Police after auto burglary: Don’t leave valuables in the car”

  1. I would like to see his video sped up and set to the benny hill theme music

  2. I have seen wallets, lap tops, small TVs, large back-packs, bags of groceries, and even dogs (small) on the front seats of cars. How dumb can one be? I also see, quite often, individuals casually “casing” the street for such opportunities. Being an odd person, I sit on my porch at odd hours and observe a lot of “activity”.

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