Dec 042012

Holiday Lights on Neron Place. (photo by Marta Jewson for

With the holidays approaching, Lynda Bermuda has been knocking on doors in Central Carrollton, encouraging her neighbors to participate in a new festival that aims to light up the neighborhood this year.

Last year, residents on Bermuda’s Adams Street block decorated their homes to Christmas classic The Twelve Days of Christmas.

“It was creative and great to see what people came up with,” Bermuda said.

That display sparked an interest in people living around the corner or a few blocks away, she said.

“I had a few neighbors ask if we could do something similar again,” Bermuda said, and she decided to make it a neighborhood affair this year.

Bermuda is organizing the neighborhood’s first official Festival of Lights. She said her overall goal is to foster community while providing a creative outlet for residents, and she hopes participation will increase from last year.

“This is for everyone. It’s not just about Christmas,” said Bermuda, saying any religious or non-religious takes on the holidays are welcome.

Still early in the season, when people are in the midst of getting their displays together, Bermuda said she hasn’t yet compiled a list of participating homes, but hopes to soon have markers in the yards of these homes along with a master map. She hopes displays will run through January.

Bermuda approached several small businesses in the area and was happy to receive gift cards from Fresco, Café Refuel and Maple Street Bookstore. Those who register for the festival will have the chance to win gift cards in a raffle at Palmer Park’s annual caroling event on Dec. 16. Registration is $5, or free if one claims a hardship waiver, said Bermuda.

“We’re trying to encourage more people to participate,” said Bermuda, noting the deadline to register has been extended from Dec. 8 to Dec. 16. “This is meant to encourage creativity, and neighbors getting to know one another.”

Marta Jewson is a freelance reporter and photographer based in New Orleans.

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  1. Is there an email address or some way to register?

  2. The 700 block of Eleonore Street has been celebrating “The lighting of the Fences” in unison every December since 1987. Drive by and enjoy! Happy Holidays!

  3. The 700 block of Eleonore Street has been celebrating “The Lighting of the Fences” in unison every December since 1987. Drive by and enjoy!

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