Dec 192012

Lycée Français de la Nouvelle Orléans is being sued by special-education coordinator Darleen Mipro, who was fired Nov. 30 amid an accusation that she had “been engaging in misconduct” at the school, according to a report at The Lens.

Mipro’s lawsuit claims that by calling police to charge her with trespassing and disturbing the peace on the day she was fired and by emailing the unspecified “misconduct” allegation to parents, the school administration was attempting to damage her reputation as an educator, the report states. Mipro’s firing did take place during a confrontation at the school between teachers guarding a sign that read “The Board is Killing our School” and a man who was trying to tear the sign down, one parent told The Lens.

Lycee board chair Jean Montes declined to comment on the lawsuit to The Lens.

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  5 Responses to “Lycee Francais sued for defamation by special-education coordinator who was fired last month”

  1. The firing didn’t “take place during a confrontation” the creation of the sign(s) was in response to the firing.

    • I wasn’t there, so I wouldn’t dispute that. The wording of the article was simply intended to say that the firing and the protest/confrontation over the signs happened concurrently.

  2. Although I appreciate UM’s fair reporting on Uptown’s Charter schools, how did the article about the Lusher employee who embezzled $25,000 from the school get missed?

  3. I saw the dad pulling down signs and pushing the teachers. He was doing this while nopd was escorting the crying dismissed teacher off campus for going back inside to get her little boy. Where is the justice? On top of that, the dad who flipped out is married to the woman who has a lucrative $75k contract with the school to do “development”.

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