Dec 062012

Children build a tiny snowman in a layer of snow covering the front lawn of Loyola University on Wednesday evening. (Sabree Hill,

Despite temperatures in the mid-60s, the front lawn of Loyola University hosted a giant snowball fight on a carpet of snow Wednesday night for the annual “Sneaux” event. In addition to the snow, the university also provided hot chocolate, s’mores, cookies, Christmas music, activities for children and an appearance by Santa Claus.

Children of all ages play in the snow at Loyola’s “Sneaux” event Wednesday evening. (Sabree Hill,

Grinning widely, a child lays in the Loyola snow. (Sabree Hill,

  One Response to “Light “Sneaux”-fall creates sense of winter joy on Loyola lawn”

  1. So, THAT’s why parking for my evening class at Tulane was so effed up – grrrrr. P.S. – the text for the last photo caption should be “lies”, not “lays” . . . people LIE down, hens LAY eggs.

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