Dec 262012

Jean-Paul Villere

The calender says today is 12/26/12, so we must have all survived the Mayan apocalypse and yet another Christmas season, on to the New Year and resolutions quickly fudged.  I look forward to this day more than Christmas itself because it’s finally over!  The hype and lead up and obligatory this and that of each holiday season leaves me strung out and exhausted, like the last few rigs of the seemingly endless truck parade down Napoleon on Mardi Gras Day.  I live half a block from this silly nightmare of pastiched 18 wheelers in queue for likely miles, and it isn’t the size so much as the noise.  Truck horn after truck horn after truck horn, like a really slow marathon of all the Smokey & The Bandit “films” with a lagniappe viewing of Convoyto bring it on home.  Only this year the drainage work along the avenue is so massive my guess is in 2013 we will get a break from the madness.  And at the pace the work is going maybe 2014 too.

As for the Mayan hype – – – really?  Really people, did you really think the Mayan calender somehow predicted humanity’s untimely demise?  But we have to chitter on about something, right?  12 years ago it was Y2K, and in the future it’ll be [insert armageddon supposition here].  Whatever fantasy we can wrap ourselves up in, lapping up the snake oil of our apocalyptic crush.  The world will end when the world will end.  Give it a rest.  I’m pretty sure there won’t be lead up though.  No significant date or likely event.  Just poof and done.  Probably for the best we don’t anticipate end times.  The anxiety alone.  Who needs it?

So hey 2013, what have you got in store for the ol’ Crescent City?  We know Carnival will quickly kick into higher gear, in the middle of that we will host yet another Super Bowl (point triggered gun-fashioned hand to head and release hammer), and apparently a slew of new restaurants are on the horizon too.  Mardi Gras ends somewhat early this year, on the 12th, leaving ample time to see if any of those Fat Tuesday romances have any future 2 days later on Valentine’s Day.  My prediction is not one lusty exchange will survive the throws of the parade season (pun intended) to Cupid’s big day, but hey, prove me wrong, world.  Please, please prove me wrong.  Somehow free flowing alcohol, impaired judgment, ample flesh, and goosed hormones will prove me right.  We shall see.

But back it up to next week and New Year’s.  What resolutions have you got in queue?  Me, I have no idea.  Last year I gave up milk and granulated sugar.  Yes, really.  Okay, okay, I gave up milk and granulated sugar in my coffee.  And for the most part I’ve stuck with it.  I had decided I was drinking too much caffeine, 4 shots of espresso, so I thought to help me I’d nix the sweetness and creaminess and stick with the bitter.  Fitting, right?  Only I added a teaspoon of honey in place of the absent and cut my intake down to 2 shots.  Right in half on the crank.  Ugh, it supremely sucked for about 4 weeks, but I did it.  A year later I’m still on the 2 shots and honey train.  Yeah for me.  Happy new year to you, and may you stick with whatever resolution you may conjure!

Jean-Paul Villere is the owner of Villere Realty and Du Mois Gallery on Freret Street and a married father of four girls. In addition to his Wednesday column at, he also shares his family’s adventures sometimes via pedicab or bicycle on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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