Dec 222012

The masked gunman at GameStop at left, and at right, a “person of interest” in the case who entered the store just before the robbery. (via NOPD)

A masked man robbed a GameStop video game store in the Lower Garden District at gunpoint Thursday morning, and in a separate case a woman in Hollygrove was attacked inside her home by a man who then stole her purse, police said.

The GameStop in the Lower Garden District.

The GameStop robbery took place in the retail center at 520 St. Andrew Street just before noon, when a man in a ski mask with a black semiautomatic handgun walked in, threw a black plastic bag on the counter and demanded the manager “fill it up,” police said. While the manager was putting cash from the register into the bag, another customer came in and startled the gunman, so he grabbed the bag and ran out of the store toward Rousseau Street, police said.

Just moments before the gunman’s arrival, another man had come in, stood near the front door sending text messages on his phone and looking out the windows, and then left, police said. Police call him a “person of interest” in the case as well.

The gunman is described a black man wearing a black-and-gray North Face jacket with blue jeans. The man identified as a lookout was wearing a yellow Under Armour hooded sweatshirt, a yellow-and-black plaid winter-style hat and black-rimmed glasses.

The 9200 block of Apple Street.

In the Hollygrove case, a woman was asleep inside a home in the 9200 block of Apple Street around 8:30 a.m. Thursday when she heard a knock at the door, then yelling for her to open it, according to the initial police report. She refused, and a man kicked in the door, choked her, slapped her in the face, stole her purse and ran off, the report states. No other details, such as the attacker’s description, were immediately available.

Anyone with information about either case is urged to call CrimeStoppers at 822-1111 to leave an anonymous tip that could be eligible for a cash reward.

  6 Responses to “Gunman, possible accomplice caught on camera in robbery of GameStop in Lower Garden District; woman robbed in home”

  1. Carman ?
    Batman ?
    Axeman ?
    Knifeman ?
    Rockman ?
    Truckman ?
    Poisonman ?
    Tireironman ?
    Screwdriverman ?

    Killers are “Killers.” They are not an object personified.

    • A search for the word “gunman” at returns 5,265 articles in the United States — this week. I’d say the usage is fairly well accepted.

      But I have seen the idea of removing words from the language that are harmful to a particular ideology praised as “doubleplusgood.”

    • Also, there is no evidence whatosever that this robber is actually a killer. Being in possession of a gun and committing a crime doesn’t make one a killer. Gunman is accurate; killer is speculation.

    • Well, except for Batman. Batman is the night.

      How about “robber”? We know he robbed someone, not that he killed someone.

  2. Scary. I was just at this Gamestop the night before. I’m glad nobody was hurt.

  3. The Game Stop is located in the HRI River Gardens NOT in the Lower Garden District.

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