Dec 272012

Eric Orlando, the owner of Carrollton Station since 2002, has sold the rock venue on Willow Street to a couple who will keep the business open while Orlando opens a new bar called Red’s Uptilly Tavern at 7601 Maple Street, according to a report by Keith Spera of The Times-Picayune. For his final weekend at Carrollton station, Orlando will present a two-day “Grand Finale” showcase of a dozen singer-songwriters Friday and Saturday (Dec. 28-29), and he hopes to open Red’s by the first week of January, Spera reports.

  5 Responses to “Carrollton Station owner departs for new bar on Maple Street”

  1. For personal reasons, I’m very glad Eric Orlando is getting out of Carrollton Station. As a venue it’s not bad, and I’ve hated having to avoid it because of him. I regret that he’s opening up another bar, though. In my brief experience, he doesn’t have the proper temperament for interacting with the public.

  2. Anyone know if trivia night is still happening Thursday nights at the CS?

  3. There is no live music on maple which is unfortunate, but Greg and Eric will do great in thier “old” location.

  4. Unless I am mistaken historically Maple has never had live music and given the neighborhood’s nature I am curious to see how MARI (the Maple Area Residents) will engage this change. My gut says it’ll get loud and ugly fast with ample flustering, hoo-ha, and general discontent for all.

    • So you know them well. They like to complain, grunt and attempt to ruin anything that wants to open on Maple. The neighbors convinced Susan Guidry to get rid of the Abita Pub crawl this year on maple street. She backs them everythie, because the buisness owners don’t live in her district and have a vote.

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