Nov 202012

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A week after the victim of a late-October carjacking in the Carrollton area was reunited with her stolen Chihuahua, Skeeter, she may now have justice in the case as well after police announced the arrest this afternoon of a 17-year-old who allegedly confessed to the crime.

For details, see the news release below:

This afternoon, a teenager confessed to NOPD detectives that he carjacked an Uptown resident last month- not only taking the victim’s vehicle, but her elderly dog that was in the backseat as well.

Members of NOPD’s Violent Offender Warrant Squad picked up 17-year-old Damont Burton at a house in the 3200-block ofFern Street just before 9- this morning. Burton was then questioned at the Second District station, and confessed to the crime this afternoon.

Investigators say on October 30th, Burton forced his way into a woman’s car in the 2300-block of Burdette Street, punched her in the face and then sped off. The woman’s 11-year-old dog, “Skeeter”, was in the backseat. Since the carjacking, the vehicle was located as well as the dog.

Detective Jerry Baldwin’s detective work coupled with DNA evidence retrieved from the stolen vehicle led to Burton’s identification as the suspect.

This is the second time Burton has been charged with Armed Robbery.

“At first, investigators had little to go on in this case. But once the stolen vehicle was located, everything changed”, said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

“The interviews conducted by our detectives combined with evidence reviewed by lab technicians put the name and the face on this suspect. A great job by all involved”, Serpas said.

[Update, 4:40 p.m.: NOPD has corrected the release to say that the location where Burton was picked up in the 3200 block of Fern this morning was a school. This article has been updated with that information.]

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