Nov 282012

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A reported disturbance between two women at a Milan Street home Tuesday led to the discovery of an assault rifle, two handguns, $12,000 worth of cocaine and marijuana and $3,500 in cash, police said.

For details, see the NOPD news release:

Second District officers responded to a fight between two women yesterday afternoon, which eventually led them to discovering multiple guns and what was apparently an illegal drug dealing business at an Uptown residence.

Sergeant Jennifer Dupree and Officer Eddie Wilson were called to the 2500-block of Milan Street just before 2pm yesterday after receiving a call of a disturbance between the two women. When they arrived, one of the women took off, and ran into the house on Milan. The officers followed her, and apprehended her hiding under a bed.

While inside the home, the officers saw a handgun in plain view, as well as several bags of marijuana. The officers then obtained a search warrant, and returned later to the residence with members of the Canine Unit. During the search, investigators found a second handgun as well as an M-16 assault rifle in the home. One of the guns had been reported stolen from Jefferson Parish.

Officers also found 40 grams of crack cocaine, 42 grams of powder cocaine and 2 liquid hydrocodone bottles- all drugs totaled would have an estimated street value of up to $12,000. Investigators also discovered 2 digital scales and more than $3500 in cash in the house.

25-year-old Alfonso Stovall, who was inside the residence, was arrested and booked with 3 counts of Illegal Carrying of Weapons with a Controlled, Dangerous Substance, Possession of Crack Cocaine, Possession with the Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Possession with the Intent to Distribute Cocaine and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

“Our officers didn’t know what they were stumbling onto when they responded to a call of two people arguing in the street. But they followed through, and one thing quickly led to another”, said Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

“In the end, they got three guns off the street, as well as shut down a crack cocaine business Uptown. This was excellent work by the Second District and our K-9 Unit.”

  3 Responses to “Stash of marijuana and cocaine worth $12,000, three guns seized from home in Milan”

  1. That is awesome Thanks NOPD for the good work!

  2. Under our present prohibitionist-regime, these certain plants/concoctions/drugs are sold only by criminals and terrorists; the huge black-market profits are used to bribe and threaten law enforcement officials and commit atrocities against innocent civilians; the availability and usage rates tend to go up, not down; prisons have become filled to capacity with easily replaced users, vendors and smugglers —this list is endless!

    Prohibition guarantees to criminals and terrorists the power to threaten communities, and even whole states. Ending drug prohibition won’t be the complete answer to all our drug problems, just as the end of alcohol prohibition didn’t end all the problems associated with alcohol. But it will surely ameliorate the crime and violence on our streets, lessen the huge burden on our judicial system, and shrink the the immense incentives for corruption in public office.

    Prohibition is the most destructive, dysfunctional, dishonest and racist social policy in America since Slavery. Prohibition is a holocaust in slow motion. We MUST end it NOW!

  3. I wonder what the two ladies were arguing about?

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