Nov 192012

The operators of the John J. Hainkel Jr. Home and Rehab Center on Henry Clay Avenue are waiting on a federal judge’s decision as to whether the state Department of Health and Hospitals can revoke its nursing home license, as it had planned to do Nov. 10, reports Gambit’s Jeremy Alford. State officials point to a string of citations at the facility for what Alford describes as “relatively minor deficiencies” over the last year, but Alford looks at the $4.8 million annual Medicaid-revenue stream the state could possibly tap into for putting the 85 patients elsewhere.

  3 Responses to “Governor Jindal seeks to close Hainkel home on Henry Clay”

  1. When Jindal is’s all about MONEY, is it not? Such a disgrace to the State of Louisiana…Why and how did Jindal ever get re-elected? UGH!!!!

    • I love this home! I have volunteered here for years! I love going to do the rosary with all the patients. This home is a great asset to the city!

  2. Typical Jindal.

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