Nov 102012

A 35-year-old man riding a bicycle on an Uptown street Friday afternoon was struck by a car, then robbed at gunpoint by one of its occupants, according to initial police reports.

The victim was riding his bicycle near Chestnut and General Taylor streets just before 4 p.m. Friday when he was hit by a vehicle, the report states. A female passenger got out, pointed a gun at the victim’s head and demanded his property, and the driver then got out and went through his pockets, the report states. They then took off with his wallet, cash and a cell phone, the report states.

No description of the car or suspects was immediately available.

  6 Responses to “Bicyclist hit by car, then robbed at gunpoint by driver, police say”

  1. Jesus H. Tebow. That’s not far from where I run in the mornings.

  2. Descriptions of suspects and their vehicles should be available immediately in every case to allow citizens and neighborhood watches to cooperate in finding the perpetrators. City Council needs to address this issue and pass a law requiring immediate release of descriptions when ever possible.

  3. This is not alright. I live a few houses down on the same street and am terrified to walk outside. This wonderful neighborhood has seen WAY too much crime recently. We NEED more police presence in addition to the paid neighorhood watch. I whitnessed kids in blue shirts and khaki pants trying to open every car door they passed the other day (orange sweatshirts). These school kids are criminals, cutting class and terrorizing the neighborhood. No more out on probabtion, this is beyond ridiculous.

  4. Is there a description available now? The police are going to have to get this under control before law abiding citizens turn vigilantes. Also the time of day is proof that these parasites are not concerned with being caught by the police.

  5. Good News. This was not some random terrorist attack as I had feared. The 35 yr old “victim” owed the psychopaths drugs or money. They hunted him down and did this.

    @Robert Morris, I imagine that you guys had this information as the police did, even if from “unofficial” sources. While I expect nothing less from the cowardly TP, I’m surprised that UM did not present a little more of this story. Even a mention of the possibility of “extenuating circumstances” would have surely been welcome. I’m no journalist, would you mind explaining a bit?

  6. This is horrible. Was this a random act or was the cyclist targeted?

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