Nov 082012

Jason Coleman

In a written concession to Woody Koppel for his re-election to the Orleans Parish School Board, challenger Jason Coleman pledges to continue advocating for minority business contracts, more resources for teachers and a compromise on school autonomy.

The full statement follows:

First off, congratulations to Woody Koppel and the newly elected Orleans Parish School Board members.

Secondly, thank you Team Coleman for all the love and support. I recall when I started out, the political pundits questioned why I would want a position that did not pay a salary and run against an incumbent whose father was an incumbent in a district that was 60/40. I replied then as I do now, “Our children are worth fighting for.”

Despite the election outcome, we must still address the issues of;
– Increasing local and minority businesses participation in school contracts
– Increasing resources in the classroom i.e. Teacher Aides
– Design and fund a complete master plan for every school
– Coming to a compromise on autonomy and best practices as it regards to system wide standards of service i.e. community involvement, discipline procedures, food services, and transportation

As we move FORWARD with voter education and keeping our public officials accountable, let us focus on hiring a Superintendent who will give our children the tools necessary to live productive lives as model citizens. For it doesn’t matter if your child attends public or private school nor if you have no children, everyone is responsible for the failures of the system. Our children are not failures; they are the result of our leadership.

Ready To Serve,


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