Nov 152012

By Dana Kaplan

Elections are about choices and about the path voters determine is best for their community. This is true on a national level and on a local level. On November 6, voters in District B chose two people to compete in the runoff to be their councilperson. I am honored to be one of those candidates.

My work in New Orleans has been focused on criminal justice—ensuring that our streets are safer, that our citizens and members of the law enforcement community share mutual respect, and that our businesses can grow and create jobs in a safe environment.

I’ve worked with elected officials and members of the council to create the Office of the Independent Police Monitor because I understand that without a police force trusted by the community, there could be no further steps to reduce crime. My work with elected officials on this initiative, my role in founding Safe Streets/Strong Communities, and my work as executive director of the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana have led many elected officials to endorse my candidacy. I’m proud to have the endorsement of both Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Congressman Cedric Richmond among others. They know that my commitment and work to make New Orleans safer will continue on the council.

Some may think that the runoff for the District B City Council seat is not as important as a presidential election. I disagree. I often reflect on the councilperson’s role as the closest link citizens have to their government.

This is a position I take very seriously. It is important that the next City Councilperson for District B reflects the values and ethics that we all share.

I will continue my work on criminal justice to make our city safer, to expand youth opportunities, and to foster economic growth, but also to adhere to the highest ethical standards and never embarrass our community.

I was honored to receive your support on November 6, and I humbly ask for your vote again on December 8.

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