Nov 092012

By Dana Kaplan

I have been so blessed by the thousands of New Orleanians who voted for me this week in the primary election for the New Orleans City Council, District B. Thank you for believing in my message for a safer community, more youth opportunities and incentives for job growth. With your support, I finished a strong second in Tuesday’s election and am in an excellent position going into the December runoff.

I also would like to thank all the public officials, business owners and news organizations who showed their confidence in me by honoring me with their endorsements. It was those endorsements added to the over 1,000 voters who signed my qualifying petition that gave my campaign the exposure and support needed to get us into the runoff.

Our momentum has continued to steadily grow. I along with my campaign volunteers am ready to get back to knocking on doors throughout District B and continuing to talk with citizens about their concerns for our community. I hope I will have the opportunity to meet and talk with every resident of the district between now and Election Day, December 8th.

It is only through this engagement that we can together find solutions to the problems facing our neighborhoods and our city. I look forward to meeting you all, and working together toward a safer and more vibrant New Orleans.

— Dana Kaplan

[This advertiser’s message is paid political advertising by the Friends of Dana Kaplan. does not endorse candidates for election.]

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