Nov 202012

By Dana Kaplan

In a week where many New Orleanians are giving thanks and celebrating the holiday with their family and friends, I too would like to take pause to give thanks.

First, I’m thankful to the voters of District B who have expressed their confidence in my plan for our future by voting for me on November 6th. I continue to work hard in the runoff by reaching out to supporters whose candidates didn’t make the runoff and sharing my message throughout the district.

I’m thankful for the many endorsements of trusted leaders throughout the city. The endorsements of Mayor Landrieu, Congressman Richmond and others demonstrate the broad-based support our plan to make New Orleans stronger and safer has attracted.

I’m optimistic about the future of our city, neighborhoods and small businesses. With the leadership we currently have in place, I believe we are on the right track, but we need to do more–in getting crime under control, attracting businesses to New Orleans, and creating new jobs. My focus for the past five years has been on reducing crime in New Orleans through criminal justice reform.  Because the City Council has the power to positively affect the level of crime in the city through effective budget management, I know my experience and leadership on this issue will be valuable on the Council.

Beyond my deep understanding of criminal justice, I am the only candidate with a detailed plan that presents real solutions to the problems we face in District B. Reducing blight. Improving Infrastructure. Creating youth opportunities. Holding Entergy accountable. Creating jobs. Streamlining permitting and ensuring we finally see that one stop shop. And, additional crime fighting initiatives to make our neighborhoods safer. I urge voters to visit my website and look over my plan for District B.

This election is important to the future of District B. I’ve demonstrated through my work with Safe Streets/Strong Communities and my work leading the charge to create the Office of the Independent Police Monitor that I can work with any stakeholder to achieve real results for our city.

There is more work to be done to make our city safer and stronger. My experience in working together to achieve a common goal will help me make our city safer, develop opportunities for young people, and create more jobs that improve our city and neighborhoods for the future.

I’m thankful for this opportunity to serve.  Please join our campaign and join your neighbors in voting for me, Dana Kaplan, for City Council District B on Saturday December 8th.

[This advertiser’s message is paid political advertising by the Friends of Dana Kaplan. does not endorse candidates for election.]

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